Programming, creating, worlds appearing before our own hands. These are our passion. We create fun, original, complete and complex games with unique ideas. And while we're at it, why not add some good ol' hentai in there amiright?

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Hello everyone! And I mean EVERYONE! It's been quite a while since we made a public dev update.

Great, great news! We are back at it full force starting now! *touching wood*

Finally, finally we found someone with the talent necessary to help Tz in all the animations, and it's going great so far. That allows Tz to work more efficiently and design more girls for MWA2. Expect many things in the coming months, as the hentai train is back on track!

You can see all the animations and new monstergirl designs here. 

That being said, more hands on deck animating means more budget allowed to that, and since we're still a small patreon/steam, the monthly rewards will have to drop in frequency, if not altogether. You probably noticed that there was no monthly rewards for february (that was because of Draconic Date though) and the pics of march are much smaller in scope than usual. I'll try my best to keep the most lewds for y'all!

But in the end, it allows us more animations, and thus more game(s). There will still be high-res pics frequently in the future worry not, format may change though.

As usual, you catch us on twitter, patreon, newgrounds, DA, or on the patreon's discord server. See you there :)


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