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Wataponno's News

Posted by Wataponno - November 8th, 2021

Good news everyone!

Hope you're all good and well! We certainly are!

Here what's brewing:

You saw the Main Character genders reveal for MWA2 (for those not on patreon, it's male, female and, if money allows, futa. All x female monsters). We are currently testing a pipeline for all the animations so things can be better and faster. More news on that during the month.

Regarding the minigame, I don't have much news. What can I say, not all artists have the luck to work on their art full time :( I'll resume news on it when there is some.

But! Regarding New Moon, there's been a character reveal on the patreon discord. The female and futa versions are ready, but I'll show you everything on patreon when the male version arrives!

But most importantly...

All translations are implemented in MWA, meaning that this week, patreon will receive the new version that includes:

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese(BR)



It's really great to cast spells using a controller, ngl.

See you soon, and in the meantime, stay pure!



Posted by Wataponno - October 26th, 2021

Good monday (*cough cough*) everyone! Here with your bi-weekly (*cough cough*) update!

I skipped last one bc there wasn't a lot to say.

So, in the last month

We finished/received the french translation, which means that there is only the spanish one to receive. Implementing them in game will be easy as one two three, since the code is already made for that. I added controller support to the game (although no controller rebind options, since you can technically already do that with the keyboard). Expect a patreon demo early in novembre for these two new features, and a release later in novembre.

Art wise, I have some starting assets for the minigame, although I want a bit more before showing them on patreon, same goes for the main character for MWA2 and NM. So novembre should be a big month for teasers and new stuff, screw you NNN!

Dev wise, well... it's dev work so it's mostly prototypes and paper and tinkering around the bush, and that will be that for a looooong time (hence why there will be a minigame :P)

I hope you have all enjoyed the Halloween costumes of this month! There is still one coming, and it's great. Our next poll for the next month's girl will be very soon.

Stay awesome, and enjoy ;)



Posted by Wataponno - October 2nd, 2021

As you may know, Magical Waifus Academy as a project, then Monster Musume Dungeons, officially debuted on october 1st 2018, and some of you are still with us to this day on patreon, you mad lads! But truth be told, you're all so awesome for supporting us through and through! Even if it was just for a month back, if you are an active subscriber, or if you bought the game on Steam, Itch or Nutaku, we love you all. Thank you all so much!

But Ponno, I hear you say, what have you done since last year? Well that's a very good question. To which I shall answer right now.

In october last year, we launched MWA 1.0, meaning we officially finished the game. Since then, we've worked on (the now shelved) Hellhound Heat before releasing MWA on Steam/itch/Nutaku in february! That's a big milestone that helped us and continues to help us grow. Indeed, while the core team consists of only 1 artist and 1 dev, there's over a dozen freelance artists, voice actresses, authors, etc etc etc that helped create the game. All thanks to you. After that, we debuted the patreon monthly pinups and lewds rewards, and we can all agree that these are absolutely great, made an entire new update for MWA (the dialogue update) and then made another update, the beach episode!

And while this update is ready to be added to the game, we will NOT be adding it to MWA. Here's why. Right now, Magical Waifus Academy is a complete game in itself. There's some lore drops and unanswered questions here and there, of course, but the beach episode update brings a whole LOT of gaping holes just waiting to be filled. Plot holes that is (wink wink to my fellow french speakers). So it fills unnatural and borderline bitchy to release it in MWA. Rather, it will serve as base for... MWA2! We are far from being able to announce a date, but it's coming! Even more monstergirls for your pleasure! But worry not, while our amazing pixelartists are working on these animations, we are also working on smaller bite-sized projects to fill your appetite for monstergirls and... did I hear you say tentacles?

Before that though, we'll still be updating MWA one more time with bugfixes (of course), CONTROLLER SUPPORT, and PORTUGUESE, SPANISH, and FRENCH translations (written text only)!

We learned a lot this past year, especially me, like how to launch a game on Steam, time manage multiple projects at once and coordinate a larger team, and all this will come in handy in the next year too!

And that's pretty much it. Stay tuned for more in the upcoming months, grab MWA at our biggest discount yet  , and visit our twitter for a special anniversary raffle! 

Stay awesome, stay safe, and to another year of lewds and awesomeness!



Posted by Wataponno - September 28th, 2021

According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way the bee-weekly updates should bee bee-weekly, and yet, here they are.

I am so not even the least sorry for that intro.

In the last 2 weeks, we planned to:

  • Have all the finished CGs for the next update (only 1 missing currently) DONE!
  • Have all the background animations done for MWA's next update DONE-ish, see below
  • Have some of the voice work for MWA's next update. See below
  • Start coding MWA's next update. See below
  • Show you some art of the upcoming minigame ...
  • Show you some art of the upcoming game ...

Good news first, we now have all the beach CGs and beach forms ready for the beach update. However, I decided to not release this update with MWA, but rather use it as the base of MWA2.


Right now, MWA is a complete game and experience in itself. Sure there are some lore drops and inconsistencies here and there to entertain your theories, but nothing at the scale of the huge gaping plot holes that the new update would bring. And I rather have these filled out in the next game than have them just hanging there while you all wait for their resolution in many months. So right now, we have all the art assets we need for the beach and factory part of the story that we will continue to tell in MWA2, but we will take more time to flesh it out and script it to give you the best story we can deliver. MWA will still be update with bug fixes and... the translation! But no new content will be added.

As for the minigame art and next game (New Moon) art. 2 weeks ago I had all the sketches and now I have... all the sketches. I received nothing in the last 2 weeks to show you on these parts. That happens, commission cycles are wonky sometimes, and sometimes irl just happens too y'a know. I should have some news shortly.

What wasn't planned but happened:

We received the final version of the Portuguese - Brazil translation of the game! :D

In the next 2 weeks, we plan to:

While I will be developing, planning and coding NM (New Moon), since it should be the game with the fastest artworks done, Tz will continue working on MWA2 animations, to take a head start, so you'll see them over the coming weeks/months, and hopefully NM's art and the minigame's art too.

Until then, I'll try to sleep and not become a zombie.

Stay awesome, and enjoy the bonus pics (with all the refs on patreon), as always ;)



Posted by Wataponno - September 13th, 2021

(see my profile to access the first pic of the month)

Oh boy! Is it already time for another bi-weekly update? Ok then. Sorry for the silence on the patreon, it's been a very busy 2 weeks, both irl and for MWA.

Let's see what we had planned:

Receive the missing backgrounds, due sept 15 (that's done!)

Have all the sketches for the characters for the next game (done too!)

With all the characters concept and backgrounds, we'll be able to start commissioning the next artist. (done too!)

Have some of the voice work for MWA's next update (not yet)

Start coding MWA's next update. (oh boy... yeah that's a big no)

Between the translators, the artists and gamedev (planning) the end of MWA and the next projects, these last two weeks flew really fast! I'll make a post featuring some of the stuff mentioned above for patrons.

In the next 2 weeks, we plan to:

  • Have all the finished CGs for the next update (only 1 missing currently)
  • Have all the background animations done for MWA's next update
  • Have some of the voice work for MWA's next update
  • Start coding MWA's next update.
  • Show you some art of the upcoming minigame
  • Show you some art of the upcoming game

Let's goooooo! See you around y'all!



Posted by Wataponno - August 30th, 2021

Boom! Bi-weekly! Right on time! Easy every time!

In the last weeks we:

Tried to put a demo of MWA 1.1 on the web. The game is so not optimized for html5 that it bugged severely on most browsers. We promptly pulled it back.

Booked a new artist for the minigames. If they're good we'll keep them, but i'm sure they will be.

Found some translators (still looking for more, wink wink) and started translating in French and Portuguese (BR)

Rested bc i felt burned-out a bit. But now I'm back on track!

In the next weeks we will:

Receive the missing backgrounds, due sept 15

Have all the sketches for the characters for the next game

With all the characters concept and backgrounds, we'll be able to start commissioning the next artist.

Have some of the voice work for MWA's next update

Start coding MWA's next update.

More hands on the deck is fun to have! Progress is faster, but it also requires more time to manage. Hopefully I'll balance all my time correctly.

See you around, y'all awesome people!



Posted by Wataponno - August 16th, 2021

Hope you all are enjoying the new MWA update! I've been bug patching it a lot since its release and also on vacation.

Let's take the usual format this time.

In the last weeks, we:

-Launched MWA 1.1, the first big update of the game

-Continued to work on the CGs for the next update, and the backgrounds

What is coming in the upcoming weeks

-2 backgrounds left to arrive, after that we'll be able to incorporate them in game!

-The CGs for the next update are pretty much all done. Writing them and voicing them is next.

-New monstergirls for the dungeons (all dungeons will have 4 unique monstergirls in the next update)

-Put a free demo on the web for MWA 1.1. Expect old content with the new dialogues mostly.

That being said, we are rapidly reaching the end of Magical Waifus Academy, which doesn't mean we are done. Oh no, far from there! The core team currently consists of Tz and I, Wataponno. But now, with the sales, we have a bit of extra money to have more people come in! After MWA is completed in (I plan on) December, we'll start working on another lewd lewd game! Not saying what it is yet because there is much to do, but all the needed extra hands are already on deck, waiting for the signal. 

Game dev is a long process though, so of course this game will take some time to create and ship to you. But fear not! We have minigames planned in the meantime. The first of which may or may not be tied to that cut Fae dungeon in early versions of MWA.

And of course, all the beautiful bonuses will continue!

Thanks a lot to all of you for making this possible!

See you on discord!



Posted by Wataponno - July 30th, 2021


Hello one and all!

We've been hard at work since february to bring you even more lewd monster girls, and here they are! We are proud to present: Magical Waifus Academy 1.1.

The biggest feature of this update is the new dialogue system. A lot of people said it would be nice to have actual conversations with the girls, and now you can. Talking to them sometimes replace the need of Lewd Arcana to unlock the scenes, but not always, each girl is different! That being said,

we encourage you to start from a fresh file.

This update also adds a lot of needed QoL like keybinding and resolution options, fixes a lot of minor bugs, balances, scalings, etc etc etc. The complete patch notes are in the game files as well as below.

Tl;dr: we've been hard at work and hope you will love it!

Stay tuned for even more good stuff in the future!

- Added the option to change characters' clothes once all of them are unlocked

- Added some bonus material in the game files

- Switched the order of rewards for the shower scenes related to Fae's costumes

- Fixed a bug that caused saving to be extra long after loading. You can fix your save by laoding it, deleting (or renaming it) the file in C:\Users\[your user]\AppData\Local\Magical_Waifus_Academy while you are in game, then saving again.

- Added a new dialogue system. Apart from the dialogues, this system can (sometimes) be used to progress with the characters instead of using Arcana.

- Doubled training rewards

- Added a sound when unlocking a new animation in the gallery using the spell "Capture"

- Fae unlocked the power to keep you awake indefinitely, but being well rested brings you bonus Arcana when defeating monsters, and training is easier while rested

- Enlarged the monsters in the battle rooms for a better viewing experience

- Boss rooms are now proper boss rooms and not random rooms

- Added key rebinding

- Added screen resolution options

- Added anti-aliasing options

- Keybinding, resolution and anti-aliasing options load when the game is booted so you always have your preferred configuration

- Changed the room transition animation. There shouldn't be any more bug/crashes related to the old pixel shader

- Moved the pumpkin in the graveyard to avoid possible crashes

- Added a glow effect to highlight clickable objects on screen

- Changed the amount of Lewd Arcana that must be given to each classmates. This may result in some inconsistencies with your previous save



Posted by Wataponno - July 24th, 2021

Magical Waifus Academy 1.1 beta out now for 10$+ patrons!




Posted by Wataponno - July 21st, 2021

You know what? Screw vacations, they make me miss my bi-weekly updates alarms. This one is short though:

What was done in the last weeks:

We officially entered beta phase for the beta of 1.1 bringing a TON of new content. No big glitches, only 1 progression glitch and multiple minor display glitches. Which means...

What is coming in the next weeks:


Until then, enjoy Europa ;)