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Bi-Weekly update

Posted by Wataponno - 1 month ago

Hello one and all and welcome to a bi-weekly update I didn't forget to do! (thanks google agenda, you're my best friend).

First of all, concerning the stuff on the last bi-weekly update... I'm really out of luck...

  • Long story short, had to find other people for the backgrounds and CGs, but I did find some talented people who are at work right now (you saw the Ambers first CG last week, by @SeinRuhe).
  • Sadly it didn't work out with the possible 2nd animator.
  • But eh... that's all part of the game and the fun!
  • I returned to code the new dialogues but it's proving to be a harder task than expected with all the different variations that can happen.

So what happened in the last 2 weeks?

As said earlier, code has been trickier than expected, but worry not, it was planned. Release is still on par for the end of May. This released is planned for 10$ patrons and the virtual stores (Steam, etc.). I'll try to make a "light" version of the release for other patrons. I'll have to cut stuff in the original game so it's not the same game and the Virtual Stores don't sue the game (expect the galleries to not work). A "quests and dialogue only" release if you wish (fuck small prints).

You probably realized that there is no bonus yet this month. Well, I learned Friday that Katou is on vacation from the beginning of the month until Friday this week... lol. It'll be a packed 2nd half of the month!

Luckily we have Tz, who went back to animating and is currently finishing Julie's H scene (WHAT!? A CG AND A H SCENE!? To that I answer: oh yesssssss!).

Great news too! I checked this morning and we're barely past 2000 copies of MWA sold! Heyoooo! That's awesome! We'll all see the effects of this in the upcoming months, as it takes a long while for that money to arrive.

What's coming in the next 2 weeks?

We're using the time we have left before the update to populate the dungeons as much as we can. Most of them lacked a 4th monstergirl, so Tz will be hard at work with that (4th Slime, 4th hellish imp, etc.). There are a lot missing, so don't expect all of them in the next update, but most of them. 

Bonuses will resume starting next week and will be crammed until the end of the month.

Continuing to develop quests and the dialogues.

We should receive the 1st redrawn backgrounds soon.

Until next time, have a great one!


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Now what i can tell with my limited information this seems to be some sort of a update to paid versions of MWA and i am a bit happy about the dungeons getting a update because i do kinda like the slime's but mainly about the imp's because 2/3 out of the three of them are basically the same character but different hair and it does need some diversity.