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MWA 1.1 now on steam!

Posted by Wataponno - July 30th, 2021


Hello one and all!

We've been hard at work since february to bring you even more lewd monster girls, and here they are! We are proud to present: Magical Waifus Academy 1.1.

The biggest feature of this update is the new dialogue system. A lot of people said it would be nice to have actual conversations with the girls, and now you can. Talking to them sometimes replace the need of Lewd Arcana to unlock the scenes, but not always, each girl is different! That being said,

we encourage you to start from a fresh file.

This update also adds a lot of needed QoL like keybinding and resolution options, fixes a lot of minor bugs, balances, scalings, etc etc etc. The complete patch notes are in the game files as well as below.

Tl;dr: we've been hard at work and hope you will love it!

Stay tuned for even more good stuff in the future!

- Added the option to change characters' clothes once all of them are unlocked

- Added some bonus material in the game files

- Switched the order of rewards for the shower scenes related to Fae's costumes

- Fixed a bug that caused saving to be extra long after loading. You can fix your save by laoding it, deleting (or renaming it) the file in C:\Users\[your user]\AppData\Local\Magical_Waifus_Academy while you are in game, then saving again.

- Added a new dialogue system. Apart from the dialogues, this system can (sometimes) be used to progress with the characters instead of using Arcana.

- Doubled training rewards

- Added a sound when unlocking a new animation in the gallery using the spell "Capture"

- Fae unlocked the power to keep you awake indefinitely, but being well rested brings you bonus Arcana when defeating monsters, and training is easier while rested

- Enlarged the monsters in the battle rooms for a better viewing experience

- Boss rooms are now proper boss rooms and not random rooms

- Added key rebinding

- Added screen resolution options

- Added anti-aliasing options

- Keybinding, resolution and anti-aliasing options load when the game is booted so you always have your preferred configuration

- Changed the room transition animation. There shouldn't be any more bug/crashes related to the old pixel shader

- Moved the pumpkin in the graveyard to avoid possible crashes

- Added a glow effect to highlight clickable objects on screen

- Changed the amount of Lewd Arcana that must be given to each classmates. This may result in some inconsistencies with your previous save