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Bee-weekly update

Posted by Wataponno - 3 weeks ago

According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way the bee-weekly updates should bee bee-weekly, and yet, here they are.

I am so not even the least sorry for that intro.

In the last 2 weeks, we planned to:

  • Have all the finished CGs for the next update (only 1 missing currently) DONE!
  • Have all the background animations done for MWA's next update DONE-ish, see below
  • Have some of the voice work for MWA's next update. See below
  • Start coding MWA's next update. See below
  • Show you some art of the upcoming minigame ...
  • Show you some art of the upcoming game ...

Good news first, we now have all the beach CGs and beach forms ready for the beach update. However, I decided to not release this update with MWA, but rather use it as the base of MWA2.


Right now, MWA is a complete game and experience in itself. Sure there are some lore drops and inconsistencies here and there to entertain your theories, but nothing at the scale of the huge gaping plot holes that the new update would bring. And I rather have these filled out in the next game than have them just hanging there while you all wait for their resolution in many months. So right now, we have all the art assets we need for the beach and factory part of the story that we will continue to tell in MWA2, but we will take more time to flesh it out and script it to give you the best story we can deliver. MWA will still be update with bug fixes and... the translation! But no new content will be added.

As for the minigame art and next game (New Moon) art. 2 weeks ago I had all the sketches and now I have... all the sketches. I received nothing in the last 2 weeks to show you on these parts. That happens, commission cycles are wonky sometimes, and sometimes irl just happens too y'a know. I should have some news shortly.

What wasn't planned but happened:

We received the final version of the Portuguese - Brazil translation of the game! :D

In the next 2 weeks, we plan to:

While I will be developing, planning and coding NM (New Moon), since it should be the game with the fastest artworks done, Tz will continue working on MWA2 animations, to take a head start, so you'll see them over the coming weeks/months, and hopefully NM's art and the minigame's art too.

Until then, I'll try to sleep and not become a zombie.

Stay awesome, and enjoy the bonus pics (with all the refs on patreon), as always ;)



Comments (2)

OH hey! I remember reviewing MWA in the past. Quite sad that it isn't more popular, it is genuinely a good game, at least from the artwork side. The gameplay could be improved but it is a titty game after all.

I wish so much I had more time to improve the gameplay! But eh... I gotta work to eat too. It will be better in MWA2 :)

And thank you for the compliments ^^ it really keeps us going! If you can share the word we'd be very grateful, or have any idea to share to word, share your tips with us ^^

@Wataponno Hit us up on AnimeTiddiesConnoisseur on Steam when MWA2 gets released, I could review it and maybe that would get some eyes. Not many use the platform but there are some /shrug. Hope it goes better for the second game.